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    How to deal with envy

    Envy is one of the most horrible emotions and we've all felt it. It's the force that needles you in the heart when someone else gets your desire. It's the thing that sours your enjoyment of what you love most. Here are some ways I've found for overcoming envy before it destroys your relationships or self esteem! And you know what? Envy can actually be good once you make peace with it.

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    Disney to make Children of Blood and Bone movie

    Disney and Lucasfilm are taking over production of the West Africa-inspired YA fantasy, Children of Blood and Bone, that took the world by storm last year.  The story’s set in a kingdom where genocide has wiped out everyone who can perform magic. Those who were children at the time of the slaughter, and therefore survived, are oppressed by a cruel king who killed magic at its source on the day of the genocide.  Zélie is one of the survivors and she has to go on a journey to restore magic to her people. The book grapples with the subject of power – who gets to have it, who should have it,…

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    A Kingdom of Exiles – S. B. Nova

    There are three things I loved about A Kingdom of Exiles that have stuck with me even though it’s been months since I read it.  Here’s the blurb The brightest of stars are always born on the darkest of nights. Serena Smith is unusual. Growing up in a backwoods village, her life is lonely and dull. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, she’s gifted a magical heirloom only to be snatched by fae and condemned to a lifetime in chains. Dragged to Aldar, a fae kingdom ruled by a tyrant witch, Serena discovers a forbidden love, and meets fellow outcasts, each with their own dark secrets. As the lives of warriors,…

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    Author Interview: Fiona Snyckers

    "I love the trend towards domestic thrillers. It used to be that you couldn’t write a thriller unless the fate of the entire world was at stake, and only one white man could save us all. Now thrillers are being written on a smaller, more intimate scale by a diverse variety of voices, which is great."