Life update: Like sands through the hour glass…

Why do weekend days always go so fast yet work days feel so productive?


Yesterday was my final day of a five-day mini-“staycation” and it’s the only day that actually felt like a day, but because I literally spent the entire day rushing around trying to cram in all the stuff I meant to do on the other four days.


On Monday night, after a visit with my mom, I started to have that sand-slipping feeling of my life running away from me.


(Like sands through the hourglass… so are the days of our lives).


I stayed up until 02:30 trying to get some writing done and panicking that I hadn’t done enough holidaying to make the off time worth it. Set my alarm for 09:00 and fell asleep drawing up a mental list of items to tick off in the morning.


I spent the whole of yesterday scrambling around trying to complete that list, feeling like that hourglass sand was stuck to the inside of my eyelids (Turns out I can’t do 6 hours of sleep anymore).


– I did a load of washing
– I wrote a few paragraphs of fanfic
– Did some Facebook group admin stuff while waiting for my sandwich to toast
– Got distracted by Facebook and burned the sandwich
– Ate burned sandwich
– I went to the post office
– I was told that was the wrong post office
– I got stuck in traffic
– I went to collect Dragon Age: Asunder (essential research material for what I’ve been writing) – Dragon Age, if you didn’t know already, is my current obsession
– I went to the correct post office and picked up my parcel which was washi tape from China (remnants from my previous obsession)
– I bought lunch, got an art file from the stationer (and they had cross stitch fabric as well!)
– I got home, decided I needed to finish off the knitting project that has been sitting around for a year.
– Ironed project
– Ironed jacket (strike while the iron is hot, as they say)
– Took photos of knitting project while the light was good
– Started trying to pack away art supplies
– Failed
– Swapped stationery drawer and art cupboard around so that I have easy access to my art stuff without it lying around
– Finally ate lunch (it was soggy by now)
– Freaked out because it was already 4 pm
– Booted up my old desktop computer with intention of listening to music while FINALLY doing some art.
– Realised I couldn’t listen to music because everything insisted on updating and using the entire internet bandwidth
– Figured out how to change the registry to tell Windows it couldn’t just download things without asking
– Finally sat down to do art. It was 5 pm.
– Packed up art stuff at 9 pm. Had some chocolate for dinner.
– Started reading my new book and fell asleep.


Now I’m still exhausted and definitely not feeling relaxed. I can’t be the only one this happens to?


Maker, I miss school holidays.


I’m writing:

Anyone who follows me on social media will know I’m currently writing Dragon Age fanfiction. It started off as a cheesy romance for fun while I awaited Nerine Dorman‘s novel assessment. It’s become a… bit more.


The whole experience has been so rewarding, but that’s for a separate post. Here’s a snippet from what I wrote yesterday.

Then there was Cassey. Cassey, who had likely once been one of his charges and yet he couldn’t even remember her. He could remember the day the blood mages had taken over Kinloch Hold with crystal clarity, but the faces of the individuals in his care had been purged from his memory. Lyrium, probably. It did that. Or perhaps it was the guilt. He’d called for the Rite. He’d wanted her to burn.

She stood apart from the rest, fiddling with a ring on her finger the way that Solana had when they’d first reunited, and while Cullen could have approached her and made friendly conversation, his guilt stood between them as solid as his shield.


I’m making art:

Graham and I went halvies on some really fancy watercolour pencils for my 30th. Yesterday I used them for an illustration for the fic I spoke about above. There are more process pics on Instagram.


I’m eating:

Okay, I’m not eating this right now, but this is The Cake, the result of what I wrote about last time. How amazing is this? I didn’t give her any guidance, and it looks like an oil painting in my favourite colours.


I’m listening to:

Rebekka Karijord. She’s like Tori Amos with drums. I can’t get enough of her music (and the vibe fits my fanfic story perfectly).


I’m reading:

Dragon Age: Asunder (which ties together the second and third games)

In the Dragon Age world, one of the major conflicts is that magic is feared by the “church”, so those who show magical abilities are locked away in prison-towers. In the second game, conditions in one of those towers get so bad that one of your companions takes drastic action against the church. When you start the third game, it’s set four years later. The mages are at war with the mage-watching soldiers who used to belong to the church (templars), who have now broken away. So this is the book that shows how that war starts and, even though I’ve read up about it on the wiki, I’m excited to see the details for myself. The fact that it’s written by the lead writer for the games also helps ^_^