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In June I married the man of my dreams in a tiny ceremony at Home Affairs. It wasn’t quite eloping (because our mothers were there), but it was very close. 

We really want to go on honeymoon next year to celebrate our wedding properly, and we have our eyes on an international getaway in Ireland for Worldcon. This, unfortunately, means Euros! So it’s a bit of a scramble to save up enough to go (1 Euro = 17 South African Rand). 

UPDATE: WorldCon ticket prices doubled over night due to them removing a tier for first time attendees, which means attending the con is no longer on the cards. However, we are still considering Ireland and I’m still raising funds for a honeymoon, if not the one we initially pictured.  – 5 October 2018

During Inktober, I love making art for people

Inktober is a challenge that I take part in every year. The goal is to make an artwork using ink as the medium every day of October. I’ve always given the challenge my own spin, and most years I end up at the post office mailing off my month’s endeavors. It’s kind of traditional now!

This year I’m going to be auctioning off the days for money to put towards the honeymoon. How it works is very simple: you can pay whatever you like for a picture – there is no minimum amount! And you can even suggest the content of the picture. 

Pictures can be delivered by mail or as digital scans, and this is absolutely open internationally. I love sending mail overseas! (I only ask that your sponsorship cover the cost of the postage in this case ;)) 

There are only 31 days available

Unfortunately once the days are booked, they’re booked! 

The rules of Inktober are such: you do one picture a day, and you use ink to do it.  My interpretation of ink has always been broad. I’m happy to use copics, ballpoint, fineliners or actual acrylic inks. And you can state which you prefer for your picture.

Since I work during the week, please bear in mind that the artwork I create will be done in 1 – 2 hours, aside from weekends. Those giving the largest donations will be awarded weekend spots where I will spend more time on the artworks (it’s only fair). 

Here are some pieces I’ve done for previous Inktobers

If you’re keen to sponsor a day, please fill in this Google Form. 



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