The Water Crisis Diaries: Hope

Two pieces of good news today have me breathing a little easier.

  1. Even though the porta potties are still lurking in the work parking lot, the toilets are working again!
  2. Day Zero – the day when the taps get switched off – has moved back to May.  A whole month later than it was predicted to be last time I updated this blog.

A little hope is a powerful thing. While we’re still going to need to measure every drop we use (because we need to push it all the way back to August in order for it to disappear completely), it feels like a literal physical weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in a long while I feel like I may not have to shit in a bucket. So that’s good.

Of course, that would mean that it has to rain at some stage. It still hasn’t.

On Friday our building manager came around and installed water saving taps and shower heads. Our old bits and pieces went into a little ziplock plastic bag with the flat number on it in permanent marker, to be put in storage until the crisis is over. She explained that if we fail to drastically reduce our usage in the flats, the government will start applying limits based on an estimate of one person per bedroom in the block. Which is less than half of the number of people who actually live here. Meaning we’ll use our water quota by midday.

Our neighbours are pretty selfish. Aside from the constant noise pollution, they’ve been doing laundry almost every day.

Hopefully the notices that have been put up in the stairwells about the new consequences for not saving water will change a few habits.



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