Limited edition bookmarks

It’s that time of the year again when I do an Art Thing!

This year I’ll be creating limited edition bookmarks over the month of October, that will be up for order only until 4 November and never again.

Bookmarks are full-colour, single-sided, on thick 350gsm Neo Star (glossy) card stock. They measure 180 x 50mm and will be  $3 (or R30) each with free shipping*

How it works

  • I’ll be posting bookmark designs throughout the month as I complete them. (Here, on Facebook and Instagram)
  • They are all $3 or R30 each
  • To add a bookmark to your order simply comment and say you want it or DM me. I will need your email address.
  • I’ll keep track and send you an invoice at the end of the month once you’ve had a chance to see all the bookmarks, and you’ll have a chance to adjust your order and a couple of days to pay
  • I’m offering free international shipping via standard national post office shipping*. If you’d like to use a courier or send via registered mail, then I can add that to your invoice.

*I haven’t had problems with sending inktober orders via the national post office before. However, I must add that they’re not always reliable so shipping via the South African Post Office is at your own risk.

ONE - Acrylic ink and watercolour, text added digitally and partly handlettered
TWO - Pen and ink, text added digitally. Quote from King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo.
THREE - Ink and digital. Quote from Doctor Who.
FOUR - Gouache and pearlescent watercolour illustration based on The Bear and the Nightingale
FIVE - Ink, pearlescent watercolour and salt. Quote from Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo.
SIX - Digital quote from Crooked Kingdom.
SEVEN - Inspired by A Curse so Dark and Lonely. Ink, watercolour and gouache.
EIGHT - Howl's Moving Castle in pen and watercolour.
NINE- Vulcan salute from Star Trek in gouache.
TEN - All sorts of ink, text added digitally.
ELEVEN - Digital quote from Game of Thrones.
TWELVE - Dragon Age Inquisition love interest bookmarks in gouache (sold separately)
THIRTEEN - Posca paint pen on ink wash based on Nevernight
FOURTEEN - Watercolour inspired by Anne of Green Gables
FIFTEEN - Alien bookmark in ink with Gelly Roll accents.
SIXTEEN - The Hunger Games in watercolour.
SEVENTEEN - Digital quote from Mortal Instruments.
EIGHTEEN - Cruel Prince quote in pen and watercolour.
NINETEEN - Hamlet's soliloquy with a skull in pen & pearlescent watercolour.
TWENTY - Court of Thorns and Roses bookmark in Copic Marker and coloured pencils.
TWENTY ONE - The Raven Cycle in ink with quote added digitally.
TWENTY TWO - Digital drawing of Inej from Six of Crows.
TWENTY THREE - Digital Percy Jackson quote.
TWENTY FOUR - Doctor Who weeping angel. Ink and digital.
TWENTY FIVE - Page of Cups (Raven Boys reference) in digital.
TWENTY SIX - Darkling in ink, gouache and salt.
TWENTY SEVEN - landscape in gouache.
TWENTY EIGHT - Digital Hermione
TWENTY NINE - Dune in gouache.
THIRTY - Girl reading in ink.
THIRTY ONE- Leonard Nimoy's last tweet in ink and watercolour.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, barring any unforeseen circumstances like post office strikes, bottle necks or printing issues. Last time the international orders took about 20 days and the local ones took a week. The Christmas season tends to be busy for printers and post offices alike, but I plan to send early November, so hopefully will get in before the big rush and you’ll be able to put some bookmarks in some Christmas stockings 🙂 

I’m going to be going full multimedia, so they’ll probably be a combo of traditional and digital. For example, I might do a watercolour portrait and then add a quote in a nice font on the PC. I may end up doing some typographic ones that are solely digital or some that are soley traditional, depending on how inspiration strikes. 

I will be posting them here (this page), on Facebook and on Instagram

The art itself will be in my Instagram Stories and a single FB album, while the finished bookmarks will be in my Instagram feed and posted to Facebook a few days later. 

You absolutely can make requests and suggestions. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to fulfill them though as I have a bunch of my own ideas too ^_^

Unlikely. I always like to think of something new to do for Inktober!

Because of the logistics involved. I’d like to do a single print run and invoicing session. Also, I’m not an online store and I don’t want to step on the toes of my friends who are online stores and do this for their bread and butter. 

Yes you can order as many copies of a particular bookmark as you like

I accept PayPal and direct bank transfer (EFT). Please only pay at the end of the month once I’ve invoiced you, as it will be much easier to keep track of payments this way.

Please message me! I won’t be able to accept any more orders after 4 November as that’s when the designs are being sent to the printers.