Keyflame (International Pre-order)

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ISBN: 978-0-620-85534-1

442 pages

129mm x 198mm

Two pre-order options are available for international orders (outside of South Africa).


You can purchase a custom edition with digital signature and dedication. The first page of the book will include a dedication of your choice (please include under “notes” on checkout for something specific) and a signature from the author.

(Fulfilled by Ingram)

Signed and limited edition art print

Choose one of four art prints (4 x 6 inch on glossy card). Include your preference (A, B, C or D) in the note section at checkout.

Art prints will be shipped separately from South Africa and may take some time to arrive.

Art prints

A: Digital painting of the main character on a roof (scene from novel) by Tallulah Lucy
B: Watercolour scene from the novel by Yolandie Horak
C: Watercolour close up of the two main characters in the novel by Tallulah Lucy
D: Digital painting of the two main characters in the novel by Stacey Reilander

International orders ship to the UK, US and Australia. Please contact me for an individual quote for other countries.

Price list (click to purchase)

Please state in the notes section:

  • Who the dedication should be made out to and if you’d like a specific message
  • Your art print preference.
  • A contact number for the courier.
With art print£16.00$20.00A$30.00
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