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Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Laini Taylor

This book. This book.

Earlier this year I had a repetitive strain injury in my right hand so I was booked off work. On one of the days I started listening to Daughter of Smoke & Bone and, well, I got the following badges on my Audible app that day:

  • High Noon – You’ve listened for at least 3 hours during lunch time
  • Marathoner – You’ve listened for at least 8 hours straight
  • Night Owl – You’ve listened to a book for at least 8 hours at night
  • Weekend Warrior – You’ve listened for at least 10 hours on a weekend
  • Listening Level: Professional [Achieved]

I’m not going to give you the blurb, because this book unfolds like an intricate work of origami. First you meet Karou, an eccentric teen art student. Then you meet her interesting friends. Then you meet her family… of chimeras. First you see her making a wish using a necklace of beads, then you see the jars of teeth, then you finally discover how and why they’re related. First you see the mark the angel leaves behind, then you meet the angel, then you finally understand how his life is tied to Karou and her family.

Finally you see the whole picture, right at the very end.

It’s a masterpiece. I bought it three times. Once in audiobook, once in hard copy with this red cover and then once because I found my favourite cover – the Target Exclusive one – at a second hand store.

I know there are others in the series, but I don’t think I want to read them.

I’m happy with everything that’s contained between these particular pages.





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