Hi! I’m Tallulah

I write stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Usually involving magic and often involving portals to strange worlds.

When I’m not writing, you can find me with my nose in a book, a paintbrush in my hand or running The Dragon Writers Facebook group for authors.

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Recent posts

How to get a million things done

Last night at dinner I thanked Graham for being so supportive of my busy life. He took my hand and said, "Every time I tell you to take a break ...
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What do you value most?

It's my 32nd birthday tomorrow and there's no denying it, I'm well and truly an adult now. The question is, am I the adult that I always wanted to be? ...
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Is self publishing a bad idea?

Everyone who's toyed with the idea of writing a book has asked themselves at one time or another: is self publishing a good idea? I've written previously about how to ...
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