Hi! I’m Tallulah

Hi! I’m Tallulah. I write stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Usually involving magic and often involving portals to strange worlds.

When I’m not writing, you can find me with my nose in a book, a paintbrush in my hand or running The Dragon Writers Facebook group for authors.

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Author interview: Cat Hellisen

Cat Hellisen is no stranger to this blog. They are known for their haunting, atmospheric fantasy novels, including Charm, When the Sea is Rising RedHouse of Sand and Secrets, and Beastkeeper. Their ...
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6 Things authors should know about cover design

Today I was invited to speak on a cover design panel at the Romance Writers of South Africa annual conference. It was a surreal moment because it brought back all the ...
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Something to Proof – A Keyflame short story

“Okay Fatso, we’ve got an hour to pull this off.” The cat looks up at me with his tongue out, caught mid-bath, his leg pointing delicately towards the front door ...

Creating Keyflame’s cover

Creating Keyflame's cover was a journey almost as long as writing Keyflame itself. When I decided to publish Keyflame via Amazon back in 2010, it was more whim than business ...

Why the world needs Mr. Spock

I've been binging Star Trek: The Original Series recently, and it only took me a few episodes to work out why I couldn't get enough of it. The world it ...
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5 First draft tips that make revising easier

Writing a book is not easy. I've given tips before on how to finish that first draft. But say you manage to make it to The End. You avoid The ...
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