Hi! I’m Tallulah

Hi! I’m Tallulah. I write stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Usually involving magic and often involving portals to strange worlds.

When I’m not writing, you can find me with my nose in a book, a paintbrush in my hand or running The Dragon Writers Facebook group for authors.

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Recent posts

Masha du Toit: We Broke the Moon and reinventing the family unit

This guest post was written by Masha du Toit. We Broke the Moon, comes out on 26 January 2021 In my new book, We Broke the Moon, I had to ...
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6 Things authors should know about cover design

Today I was invited to speak on a cover design panel at the Romance Writers of South Africa annual conference. It was a surreal moment because it brought back all the ...
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My O.W.L Readathon 2020 wrap-up – 12 books, 12 reviews

Since I first heard about it a few years ago, I've wanted to attempt the O.W.L Readathon. It's an annual Harry Potter-themed reading challenge that happens in April every year ...
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Something to Proof – A Keyflame short story

“Okay Fatso, we’ve got an hour to pull this off.” The cat looks up at me with his tongue out, caught mid-bath, his leg pointing delicately towards the front door ...
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Creating Keyflame’s cover

Creating Keyflame's cover was a journey almost as long as writing Keyflame itself. When I decided to publish Keyflame via Amazon back in 2010, it was more whim than business ...
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Which Daughter of Smoke and Bone cover do you prefer?

Author Laini Taylor recently announced the 10th anniversary edition covers for her Daughter of Smoke & Bone series. Here they are! (Designed by Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic). What do you think? ...
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