Coming March 2020


Something magical lurks in Lilah’s blood, and there are those in Grahamstown willing to kill her because of it.

All Lilah Durow wants is a little freedom from her over-protective father. When she enrols in university in the middle of nowhere, it seems like the perfect chance to lead her own life.

But she gets more freedom than she bargained for when her father lands in legal trouble and she’s left stranded in Grahamstown without a cent to her name.

Then her classmate Kalin steps in to help. He’s argumentative, brooding and just mysterious enough to be attractive. When they’re ensconced in his study surrounded by old books and strange talismans, it’s easy to forget how she’s been warned that he’s bad news.

The longer she stays in Grahamstown, and with Kalin, the more she starts to doubt her sanity. Are leylines real? Is the town haunted? And what about the vivid dreams she keeps having of a fantasy world she thought she’d made up?

Everyone is keeping secrets, and Lilah’s in more danger than she could imagine.

Who is Kalin really, and what will loving him cost her?


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