Something magical lurks in Lilah’s blood, and there are those in Grahamstown willing to kill her for it.

Lilah’s father taught her to be afraid of the world, but now he’s sending her to Grahamstown, a full day’s drive from home, to study.

Then he gets into legal trouble and she’s left stranded without a cent.

Her classmate, Kalin, steps in to help. He’s argumentative, brooding and just mysterious enough to be attractive. When they’re ensconced in his study surrounded by old books and strange talismans, it’s easy to forget how many times she’s been warned that he’s bad news.

The longer she stays in Grahamstown, and with Kalin, the more she doubts her sanity. Is the town haunted? Are leylines real?  And what about the vivid dreams she keeps having of a fantasy world she thought she’d made up?

Everyone is keeping secrets, and Lilah’s father may have had good reason for being so overprotective. 

Who is Kalin really, and what will loving him cost her?

Featuring songs by Snow Patrol, Thirteen Senses, Apocalyptica and more.

Slow Show – The National

The Bones of You – elbow

Lead Us – Thirteen Senses

All the World** – Cassette

Blindsided – Bon Iver

The River – elbow

Undivided – Thirteen Senses

All for Believing – Missy Higgins

Set Down Your Glass – Snow Patrol

Cosmic Love – Florence + The Machine

Closer – Kings of Leon

Man or a Monster M (feat. Zayde Wølf) – Sam Tinnesz

Cohkka – Apocalyptica

Same – Snow Patrol

Cry – James Blunt

Into the Fire – Thirteen Senses

Life on Earth – Snow Patrol

The Golden Floor – Snow Patrol

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking – Snow Patrol

Pardon Me – Staind

Faraway – Apocalyptica

Thru the Glass – Thirteen Senses

The Planets Bend Between Us – Snow Patrol

In Lunar Light – Thirteen Senses

The Lightning Strike – Snow Patrol

Drive – Apocalyptica

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

Run – Snow Patrol

Atlantic – Keane

When You are Near – Carolina Liar

*Often mislabelled as Sometime on digital platforms

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Promo art by Stacey Reilander
Grahamstown map from print book interior (Tallulah Lucy)
Promo art by Tallulah Lucy
Promo art by Yolandie Horak
Kalin portrait by Stacey Reilander

(This section contains possible spoilers so highlight to reveal white text)


Language: Barely any strong language

Violence: Some violence (highlight here for particulars: shootout, car chase, stabbing. Injuries are temporary. No death.)

Sex: (highlight for answer: Mention of sex, behind closed doors)

Possible triggers
(highlight for particulars: kidnapping, use of date rape drugs (no rape occurs), discussion of addiction, (temporary) dismemberment and injury. )

Happily ever after? (Highlight for answer:    Yes.   )

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