Premade Covers

Premade covers allow me the chance to be creative and try out all of the new techniques and trends I want, when I want. 
Sometimes this also means doing fun collaborations with other artists.

Since I’m working to no one’s vision but my own, premades are available at a cheaper price than covers made to spec. 

My premades are only sold once, meaning if you like the design and you purchase it, I will update it with your book’s details and it now belongs to you and won’t be sold to anyone else.

These premades are all $40 (or R600) each for e-book.

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Most frequent questions and answers

I will update the title, author name and tagline (if there is one) with your book’s details. We may be able to make other small adjustments free of charge (e.g. changing a background colour), but larger changes will be charged at my per hour rate. 

All prices will be confirmed before work starts.

Premades are e-book-only by default, however you can pay in for me to create a print wrap. This is because each print wrap will have different specs and can’t be prepared ahead of time. 

They’re all sufficiently high res to be used for print. 

In general, series covers are charged at the same price as the initial premade, even though they are made from scratch. This is because I already have some of the design worked out. 

The exception is if a lot of photo manipulation or a new illustration is required. A rule of thumb is that if the work will take me more than 2 hours, I will charge custom design price.

All prices will be confirmed before work starts.

You’ll receive a high res jpeg (or pdf for print) ready to upload to KDP or your chosen distributor. 

The Photoshop file is available on request (they’re usually huge, which is why I don’t send them by default). However, all background elements will be flattened for licensing reasons. Text will remain editable, but fonts cannot be provided and would have to be purchased separately should you wish to make adjustments to the text yourself. 

In general, it’s better to order a premade when you’re ready to use it for your book. This is because the future is uncertain and I hate being paid for work I haven’t done yet (You never know, a comet could streak across the universe and crash into my house, killing me and my computer in one fell swoop. Then where will you be?)

If you really want to stockpile premades for the future, let me know when you place your order and I will send you the Photoshop file, so you have it in case of comet attacks and can ask another designer to edit it for you if necessary.