Prices & Terms


All services are available in dollars (via PayPal) or South African Rands (via EFT transfer). Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions.

Book cover prices

Custom designs

e-book only: $70/R1,000
e-book & print: $100/R1,500

Premade designs

(You have exclusive use of the design you choose, customised with your title and other text. It will be removed from the website when you purchase it.)
e-book only: $40/R600
e-book & print: $70/R1,000

Additional books in a series

In general, series covers are charged at the same price as a premade cover, even though they are made from scratch. This is because I already have some of the design worked out.

The exception is if a lot of photo manipulation or a new illustration is required. A rule of thumb is that if the work will take me more than 2 hours, I will charge custom design price.

Print cover when you’ve already purchased the e-book cover from me

You only need to pay in the difference between e-book only and the print package.

Marketing material

Charged at the hourly rate. Here are some estimates, but chat to me for a full quote.

3D cover mock-ups (set of two) – 0.5 hour

Social media ad images (set of two) – 0.5 hour
Book quotes (set of five) – 1 hour plain, 2 hours with images/illustrations
Square images featuring quotes from your book that you can use on Instagram or other social media.
Social media cover images – 0.5 hour

Book merchandise design

Book logo – $35/R500
Your book title and/or a symbol related to it turned into a vector file that you can make absolutely any size you like and it will not lose quality. This means that it will be perfect for printing everything from the smallest pen to a t-shirt.
More complex vector designs for merchandise are offered at the below hourly rate.

Hourly rate

Other work is charged at $30/R400 per hour.
Please don’t hesitate to message if you’d like a time estimate or individual quote.


Each cover is different but this is my general process:

  1. You make contact with me and we discuss the price of services and any deadlines. We will not progress to the next phase until you give the go ahead.
  2. Concept phase: We look talk about genre, what kind of cover you like and look at examples of bestsellers in your genre. I get back to you with a concept. Concept phase continues until you are happy with a concept. 
  3. Deposit may be requested dependent on the complexity of the agreed concept. You may also cancel the commission at this stage without penalty.
  4. Design phase: Work starts on the cover. I will send you a first stab at the design for your thoughts. At this stage you should list all the things you don’t like so I can tackle them at once or we can return to the drawing board. 
  5. Tweaking phase: Once you have a design you’re happy with, we can change things like fonts and colour and other small elements. This is not the time to make large scale changes if at all possible. I may send you multiple versions (low res screenshots) of the cover until you are happy with the final design.
  6. Payment. Once you are happy with the design, I will send you an invoice
  7. Design delivered. Once I have received payment, I will email you the final design. 
  8. FINAL tweaks: You may return to me with small changes at this stage such as adjusting the colours or font size. However large scale changes may be subject to an additional fee at the hourly rate. 


By engaging my services you agree to the following terms. 

My fee for design includes: 

  • I will provide the stock images/illustration unless otherwise discussed. All graphics used must be properly licensed.
  • I may use proprietary fonts that I own the license for. If a specific font license is required for your design, at your request, you may need to purchase that license separately. 
  • For the e-book cover design, I will send you the high-resolution jpeg of the design ready for upload. For the print cover design, I will send you a high-resolution pdf ready for upload at the specifications provided by you (i.e. I will need the correct page number and trim size in order to proceed). Photoshop files are available on request. Graphics will be flattened and text will be editable. Fonts will not be provided. I will gladly store the editable files for you, but cannot be held liable if something were to happen to the files e.g. if the drive they’re on became damaged or was stolen. 
Usage rights:
  • You will not be able to use elements from the cover (for example pictures of the models) for any other purpose due to license restrictions. However, I am happy to provide details of where to source these elements if you wish to purchase your own license. 
  • You may use images of the book covers to promote your books.
  • You may alter the design or request another designer produce future books in the series using the same style. In such a case, I would like to be given the option of being attributed as the original designer for the work that I put in on the cover (although this may not be necessary if the design is sufficiently different from what I created). The designer may not use photographs or illustrations provided as part of my design without purchasing licenses for such from the original providers i.e I will not be able to send them model photos, illustrations, fonts or any other elements used in the original design, nor will I be willing to share my methods with them.
Client responsibilities:
  • While I design each cover to the best of my ability, bearing market trends in mind, I can not be held liable for how a book performs (or fails to perform) financially. 
  • Please be sure to proof your files before uploading them 
  • The copy (text) you provide for design should be final and free of errors
  • Colours can change once a cover is printed and a layout can seem different. I am happy to make adjustments, but it is your responsibility to order a proof copy to see how the colours and other elements look before your full print run.
  • Changes made after final sign off of the design may be charged at the hourly rate, depending on complexity. 


I (Tallulah Lucy van der Made) will not be liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including loss of revenues or profits, loss of business or reputation, or loss of data, in any way related to her services. I am not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or any other inaccuracies appearing on my site or in clients’ written documents, including without limitation as a result of any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Depending on the complexity of the project, a 50% deposit may be requested once a concept is approved. Full payment will be due once the design is approved, before the high-resolution file is provided. 

I maintain the right to refuse to work on a design at any stage of the process for whatever reason. In such a case, all money paid will be refunded. You may cancel a commission at any time up to the point that a concept has been approved. Once work has started on your cover, you may be charged an hourly rate for work already undertaken, should you choose to cancel. 

Turnaround time

Average turnaround time is two weeks from start of work. Should you have a particular deadline in mind, it is your responsibility to communicate this at the start of the project. Projects may take longer due to the number of iterations required, communication delays and other factors beyond my control I will endeavour to communicate any delays.