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Warbreaker – Brandon Sanderson

People had been telling me to read Sanderson for ages, so I was very happy to discover this standalone in a secondhand bookshop.

It was good. But it wasn’t as amazing as I was expecting. Apparently it’s not the best starting point, but it was less of a commitment than the alternatives (and at over 500 pages that’s saying something!).


Two princess sisters are forced by circumstances to play the political roles they are unprepared for.

While the conservative Vivenna trained her entire life to become a warlord’s queen, it’s her younger vivacious sister, Siri, who gets the dubious honour. Vivenna goes to save her sister from her fate and ends up tangled in political intrigues she can’t hope to understand, meanwhile Siri discovers a long-buried secret that could ruin them all.


The selling point of this novel is the magic system, which is based partly on colour. It was a nice, fresh, hook.

But it took me a long while to care about the characters and what became of them and their world. I forced myself to keep at it, because I’ve heard such good things, and I’m glad I did. About half way (or maybe three quarters of the way through) something clicked and it became a page-turner.



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