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Twelve Sharp – Janet Evanovich

This twelfth book in Evanovich’s Plum series about a new jersey bounty hunter has to be one of my favourites.


Ranger goes out of town and while he’s gone his wife shows up. A shock to all other characters who had no idea he was married. But all is not as it seems… soon Stephanie is plunged into a whirlwind adventure filled with even more drama than usual – involving a kidnapped child, a psycho stalker and even bombs.


This installment is a whole lot more personal than most others in the series… in a whole lot of ways.

While there were fewer laugh-out-loud moments than some of the others, there was much more character development. And lots of that development had to do with the mysterious Ranger.

Although it does stand alone, I¬†wouldn’t recommend this particular book to anyone who has not read the rest of the series.



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