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A year of writing, a year of doodles

I’m a doodler, doodling is what I do. I learned a long time ago that I needed to have a notepad in front of me at all times, otherwise tables got scarred and my parents got tremendously unhappy.

Anyway, a year ago I shared a portrait of the main character of my Camp NaNoWriMo project, Tarra. Now I can officially say I’ve been working with her story – essentially living with her in my head – for a year. So in honour of our anniversary, I thought I’d share some of the doodles and drawings I’ve done of her and her universe over the course of the year.


To give these a tiny bit of context, this is the blurb I have at the moment:

When Tarragon’s world faces enslavement by the dimension-crossing Cloaks, only Tarra’s mother – the High Sorceress – stands any chance against them. But she’s disappeared, along with the rest of the ruling Council and it’s up to Tarra, a young alchemy teacher, to find her and save her world from domination.

It’s interesting to see how far things have come since the initial sketches. Some ideas – now key to the plot – first found their way to consciousness through the odd doodle during a meeting or while on the phone.


Very rough character and scene ideas. 

IMG_2903-200x200 TSD sketch TSD sketch 2

IMG_2900-200x200 FullSizeRender_3-200x200 IMG_2910-200x200

Digital art


2  calli-592x1024   tarra   




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