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Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

This is one of my ultimate favourite books. Having just re-read it for the third or forth time, now as an adult I am surprised and pleased to say it has lost none of its charm. I was concerned when I saw the movie adaptation that I would not enjoy it as much as I had previously, that it would have become childish. Wynne Jones weaves her magic with words so well, however, that I was no less enchanted this time round.


The story takes place in the kingdom of Ingary where magic is still possible. Sophie Hatter, the eldest of three sisters, believes she is doomed to failure. When the Witch of the Waste arrives and turns her into an old woman, Sophie is convinced her life is over. Little does she realise that running away from home and moving herself in with the fearsome wizard Howl as his cleaning lady is where her life really begins.


Filled with original magic and witty writing, Howl’s Moving Castle is a treasure for the entire family. I will definitely read it to my children one day.



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