Inktober 2015

Day 1: Brookline | InkTober

I’m playing catch-up. This is for yesterday’s song, Brookline by Jonathan Coulton.

From Wikipedia:

In 1841 edition of the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, Andrew Jackson Downing described the area this way:

“ The whole of this neighborhood of Brookline is a kind of landscape garden, and there is nothing in America of the sort, so inexpressibly charming as the lanes which lead from one cottage, or villa, to another. No animals are allowed to run at large, and the open gates, with tempting vistas and glimpses under the pendent boughs, give it quite an Arcadian air of rural freedom and enjoyment. These lanes are clothed with a profusion of trees and wild shrubbery, often almost to the carriage tracks, and curve and wind about, in a manner quite bewildering to the stranger who attempts to thread them alone; and there are more hints here for the lover of the picturesque in lanes than we ever saw assembled together in so small a compass.”

The song is quite sinister, implying that Brookline is almost sentient, luring you in with its charm that is then impossible to escape.

I found an old photo of Brookline that I used as the basis for this image. I liked how the three walking figures looked sinister and felt that matched the tone of the song while the trees and flowers matched what Wikipedia described.

Here’s the song:



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