Inktober 2015

Day 2: Care Bear Theme | InkTober

My random playlist redefined “random” when it pulled up the Care Bears theme tune. Where did I even get that?

I’m really not so good at the cartoony stuff, especially when it comes to shading, but hopefully that will improve throughout the month.

I chose this particular scene because it was one of my favourite movie scenes as a four-year-old and I think it’s had an influence on my own writing, since as a twenty-eight-year-old I seem fixated on stories of redemption.

The scene takes place at the end of the second Care Bears movie. The main human character, a girl called Christy, made a bargain with the villain “Dark Heart”. He is against feelings to the extent that he locks the Care Bears in a “chandelier of frozen feelings” (they have to go heavy on the metaphor if they want four-year-olds to get it). When Christy¬†realises the error of her ways, she bravely defends her friends from him, and he almost kills her by mistake. Little does he realise, he’s fallen for her. Her multiple examples of kindness and bravery have somehow melted his cold, hard (and, yes, dark) heart and suddenly all he wants is for her to live (well, to be freed from his curse that sent her to some kind of hell dimension).

Yea, it’s cheesy. It’s a 1980s kiddies show made to sell fluffy toys so¬†you can’t really expect much more.

In the movie she’s trapped in crystal and all glowy. I didn’t dare attempt to get crystal right in pen at this stage, but I attempted the glowy. It didn’t really work, but as they say, “practice, practice, practice”.

Here’s the tune if you aren’t already humming it:



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