Inktober 2015

Day 12: The Town Crotch | InkTober

Um… yea so this is the literal title of a song. It’s by Jonathan Coulton. Thanks, Jonathan, for making InkTober even more embarrassing!

From the lyrics it seems to be about a girl who was pretty promiscuous (and judged heavily for it), but actually the only one to care enough to drive the narrator home after a party went awry. Don’t judge sluts, people.

This is the description of her from the lyrics. I meant for bigger hair.

She was in the keg line with a yellow plastic cup
It was like I’d never seen a girl before
Puffy leather jacket and a healthy head of hair
With the hair she was six foot four
I recognized her face right away

Why couldn’t the shuffle function have selected Re: Your Brains or Still Alive?

Anyways, I did the line work in fineliner and the shading in charcoal because I needed to get the contouring right on her heavily made up face. I even looked up a contouring tutorial. InkTober is teaching me all kinds of stuff 😛

Here’s the song:



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