Inktober 2015

Day 19: Spanish Caravan

The Doors is a sneaky addition to my music collection courtesy of my dad. This is another very literal interpretation of the song title.

I’ve been wanting to do something a bit more detailed and a bit more colourful for a while, so I took a lot longer on this piece than on my other recent ones and I’m quite happy with it (even if the perspective needs some work!). I used quite a collection of tools: fine-liner (many colours), BiC (Fine, for small details) and aquarelle (for the larger areas). I even threw a highligher in there for the sky.

Interesting fact: a Spanish Caravan is not a thing. What this actually is, is a Gitano caravan. The Gitanos are Spanish Romani.

According to Wikipedia: The term “gitano” comes from “egipcio”, a Spanish term for “Egyptian” as the English word “Gypsy” comes from “Egyptian”. Both terms are due to a medieval belief that the Romani people came from Egypt.

This is the song:



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