Inktober 2015

Day 27: Only living boy in New York | Inktober

I love this song, I love this album, I hate this picture.

Simone and Garfunkel apparently hardly ever license their music for movies, but they licensed this song at a reduced fee when Zach Braff showed them this scene in Garden State where the characters cry into an “infinite abyss” while standing in the rain in black garbage bags.

The Garden State Soundtrack is perhaps my favourite album. It is the one that I can play over and over and just never get sick of. Unfortunately I had about 15 minutes to do this picture, so I pretty much messed it up. It’s done in ballpoint with a bit of aquarelle and coloured pencil. The middle one – and one I feel most sorry for – is supposed to be Natalie Portman 😛

Here’s the (amazing) song:



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