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Full House – Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

I adore Evanovich’s writing and her colourful characters. This book is written in conjunction with her friend Charlotte Hughes and, yes, this does make a the style notably different. It’s more chick lit than Evanovich’s Plum novels and written much earlier, but not at all disappointing.


Billie Pearce is a divorced mother of two who teaches sixth grade. While her young children are away for the hols with her ex, she decides she wants to impress them by taking up polo. The sexy polo teacher happens to be the tall, dark, handsome (and rich) Nick Kaharchek. While he is fascinated by her complete and utter lack of co-ordination, he has bigger problems. His two crazy cousins are staying with him – one, a 16 year old boy, keeps blowing things up. The other, an ex-beauty queen, is about to get married.

He coerces Billie into taking in the ex-beauty queen, telling himself that it’s for her safety (who knows what a teenager with explosives is capable of?). But that’s only part of the reason. Stowing his cousin with her will give him an excuse to see her…


Of course, because this is an Evanovich novel, there has to be crime and drama and interesting villains that make you laugh out loud and lovable well-rounded characters you can’t help but miss once you’ve turned the final page.

Luckily, this is the first in a series of “Full” novels. While it stands entirely on its own, it leaves you craving more of the quick-witted, fast paced adventure that Evanovich loves to offer.

All of the characters are well-rounded and memorable, the situations are believable and while there may be a touch of fantasy when it comes to rambling mansions, sensitive millionaires and horse riding lessons, it’s aaalmost plausible. Plausible enough, in any case, to make for a great read.



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