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    Authors Magazine – Surviving the First Draft

    You have a brilliant new idea, you’re just itching to write. It’s so easy for the first few pages… and then it becomes gradually more difficult. So you give up. Sound familiar? Every author has been there. So how do you defeat the twin foes, Sir Procrastination and the fabled beast Self Doubt?

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    Authors Magazine – Get Connected

    This piece originally appeared in the digital publication Authors Magazine. When I was a young girl, I had this impression that an author was a lonely figure sitting behind a mahogany desk, tapping away at a typewriter while a dark and stormy night brewed outside the window (thanks Snoopy). Imagine my surprise when I realised that that archetype is as dead as the typewriter. It’s true that writing is still a solitary profession, but the advent of the internet has ensured that it need no longer be a lonesome one. Online writing communities have been around since the days of dial-up modems, and as the internet has become more social,…